Frigidaire Vs Whirlpool Refrigerator A Comparison of 5 Essential Differences

Frigidaire Vs Whirlpool Refrigerator – Top 5 Key Differences

Let me admit it, both Frigidaire and Whirlpool refrigerators are popular and widely used for their special features, convenient storage options, ease of use, and so on. Still, there’s at least a slight difference between them, so, what’s that? What’s in the story of Frigidaire VS Whirlpool refrigerator?

Well, if you want a modern, sleek, less noisy refrigerator with high-quality food preservation technology, you’ll prefer Frigidaire over Whirlpool. On the other hand, Whirlpool offers a more reliable, energy-efficient, cost-effective, and spacious refrigerator.

As you can guess, your choice will mostly depend on your needs and preferences. Let’s go through the article to get a broader idea about what we just stated in the above-mentioned answer.

Frigidaire VS Whirlpool Refrigerator- At A Glance

Too busy to go through a long explanation? Have a look at the table below.

ParametersFrigidaire RefrigeratorWhirlpool Refrigerator
Cooling TechnologyTwin Tech and Even TempDual Evaporator and Dual Cooling
Capacity11.6 – 27.6 cubic feet11.6 – 28 cubic feet
Food Preservation TechnologyIt offers an Optimal Freshness System which makes it superiorNot as good as Frigidaire
Price It starts from from $799It starts from from $549
Noise LevelLess noisy A bit more noisy

What Are The Differences Between Frigidaire and Whirlpool Refrigerator?

To get a clear idea about the two brands, having a glance at the table is not enough. Please go through the detailed differences below so you don’t miss anything important.

Brand History

Starting with Frigidaire, it’s originally known as the Guardian Refrigerator Company, has a rich American heritage dating back to 1916 when it was founded in Fort Wayne, Indiana. This brand was invented by Nathaniel B. Wales and Alfred Mellows.

Over the years, Frigidaire has continued to evolve, offering a wide variety of refrigerator models. You can find top and bottom freezer refrigerators, side-by-side refrigerators, and French door refrigerators, all catering to different needs.

Frigidaire appliances are known for their convenient features, including ice and water dispensers, PureAir air filters, the TwinTech cooling system, and energy-efficient designs.

Currently owned by Electrolux, a Swedish multinational company, Frigidaire stands out for its durability, efficiency, and affordability.

Now, let’s talk about Whirlpool. This brand boasts a history that dates back to 1911 when it was founded by Lou Upton. This American brand started as the Michigan Malleable Iron Range Company, producing stoves under the Michigan brand name.

It gradually transitioned into the realm of home appliances and became known for innovation, introducing the first electric range in 1911 and the first self-cleaning oven in 1918. Whirlpool’s transformation continued, leading to its name change to Whirlpool Corporation in 1968. This was a pivotal moment in its history as it expanded into various markets, including refrigeration and air conditioning.

In 2006, it merged with Maytag, further strengthening its position in the home appliance industry.

Today, Whirlpool, headquartered in Benton Charter Township, Michigan, offers a wide array of home appliances, including refrigerators, wall ovens, cooktops, microwaves, dishwashers, dryers, washers, and more.

When it comes to refrigerators, Whirlpool caters to various needs with French doors, under-the-counter, counter depth, bottom freezer, side-by-side, and top freezer options.

Cooling Technology

Frigidaire is renowned for two key cooling technologies: Even Temp and Twin Tech. Even Temp technology ensures that there are minimal temperature fluctuations inside the refrigerator, which is vital for keeping your food fresher for longer. This technology maintains a consistent and optimal temperature, preventing any hot or cold spots within the fridge.

Whirlpool, on the other hand, offers a range of cooling technologies, including Dual Cooling, Total Coverage, Accu Chill, and Dual Evaporator. Dual Cooling is designed to isolate unpleasant odours, preventing them from affecting the overall cooling performance and freshness of your food.

In short, Whirlpool appears to have a slight edge, offering a more extensive range of features designed to maintain optimal freshness and temperature control throughout the refrigerator.

Features and Technology

 Bith Frigidaire and Whirlpool offer a range of functionalities, each with its own unique characteristics. Let’s explore the key distinctions to help you make an informed decision.

Frigidaire Features & Technology:

  • Flat-Back Design and Garage-Ready Technology: Frigidaire refrigerators stand out with their flat-back design, which allows them to snugly fit against a wall without leaving gaps. Moreover, they are equipped with garage-ready technology, ensuring optimal temperature even in extreme environmental conditions.
  • Companion App (Frigidaire 2.0): Frigidaire offers a companion app that keeps you connected to your fridge. It can remind you when it’s time to replace filters, ensuring the efficient operation of your appliance.
  • Crisp Seal Crispers: Frigidaire incorporates Crisp Seal Crispers, specifically designed to keep your fruits and vegetables fresh for an extended period.
  • Energy Efficiency: Many Frigidaire models are Energy Star certified, making them energy-efficient, which can lead to cost savings on your utility bills.
  • LED Lighting: The entire interior of Frigidaire refrigerators is illuminated by energy-efficient LED lights, making it easier to find your desired items.
  • Smudge-Proof Stainless Steel: The smudge-proof stainless steel finish resists fingerprints and smudges, maintaining a clean and sleek appearance.

Whirlpool Features & Technology:

  • Improved Shelves and Drawers: Whirlpool refrigerators offer excellent pull-out drawers and shelves, facilitating organization and easy access to your food.
  • Dual Cooling System: Whirlpool’s dual cooling system ensures that the air inside the refrigerator remains at a consistent temperature, preserving your food’s freshness for longer.
  • Fingerprint Resistant Finish: Whirlpool refrigerators come with a fingerprint-resistant exterior finish, ensuring that your fridge always looks clean and inviting.
  • Adjustable Gallon Door Bins and In-Door Ice Storage: Whirlpool’s refrigerators provide adjustable door bins and in-door ice storage, allowing you to tailor the storage space to your specific needs.

As you can see, both brands have individual features to offer. So, you need to make one of them a winner according to which one meets your needs.


To get a real-world perspective on the reliability of these brands, we reached out to appliance repair companies and asked them a straightforward question: which brands are considered the most and least reliable by their technicians? The results paint a telling picture:

Whirlpool was praised by four out of seven appliance repair companies as one of the most reliable brands. On the flip side, Frigidaire received negative feedback from two companies with some positive endorsements.

Yale Appliance, a reputable Boston-based appliance sales and service company, annually publishes reliability reports based on its service team’s data. Though they do not sell Frigidaire, here’s a look at Whirlpool’s service rate over the past three years:

Whirlpool’s service rate has been consistent, ranging from 12% to 17%. Unfortunately, there’s no Frigidaire data to compare with Whirlpool’s.

Therefore, while both Frigidaire and Whirlpool are reliable refrigerator brands, Whirlpool edges them out in customer satisfaction.

Design and Layout

Frigidaire is known for its sleek and modern design, offering refrigerators that are not only functional but also visually appealing. They come in a range of styles and colours to cater to different tastes and preferences.

However, please note that Whirlpool tends to focus on larger freezers, which can take up more space.

Whirlpool emphasizes practicality and functionality in its refrigerator design. The brand offers a variety of styles and colours to suit different tastes. Whirlpool refrigerators often focus on usability, making them user-friendly with features like adjustable shelves and door bins.

So, yes, in terms of design, both Frigidaire and Whirlpool provide options that offer various aesthetics and preferences. Frigidaire leans towards modern, sleek designs with advanced features, while Whirlpool emphasizes practicality and user-friendliness. Now, choose according to your priority!

Price Point

Frigidaire refrigerators range in price from $799 to $3,849, while Whirlpool fridges are available at prices between $549 and $4,199. This indicates that while Whirlpool offers the most expensive models, they also have the most affordable options, making their units more accessible to budget-conscious consumers.

Frigidaire is affordable but there may not be as many options under $1,000, with just three models falling within this category whereas Whirlpool offers more options under $1,000, with 16 models available in this category.

Long story short, Whirlpool offers a wider range of budget-friendly options. Whether you’re looking for a high-quality refrigerator on a tight budget or willing to invest in a more premium model, Whirlpool has you covered.

Noise Level

Frigidaire is the winner here for its quieter operation, especially when the refrigerator is new and well-maintained.

While Whirlpool refrigerators are designed with a focus on quality and durability, they may not match Frigidaire’s reputation for being the quietest in the market. Whirlpool models can be slightly noisier when compared to Frigidaire refrigerators, especially as they age.

Storage Conveniences and Capacity

When it comes to storage conveniences, Frigidaire refrigerators are designed with a range of intelligent and flexible storage solutions to enhance your food storage experience.

For example, the Crisp Seal Crisper feature helps keep your vegetables and fruits fresher for longer, ensuring that your produce remains crisp and delicious. Other notable features are Door-in-Door Storage, Gallon Bins, and so on.

Whirlpool refrigerators also offer some storage conveniences, including gallon bins and indoor storage options. While these features are present in Whirlpool models, they are less flexible and intelligent compared to Frigidaire’s offerings.

However, when it’s about capacity, Whirlpool has a slight advantage as it offers a capacity of 11.6 to 28 cubic feet. It’s slightly edging out Frigidaire in terms of available space as Frigidaire refrigerators generally provide a capacity ranging from 11.6 to 27.6 cubic feet.


Pros and Cons of Frigidaire and Whirlpool refrigerators?

Frigidaire offers innovative features such as the PureAir air filter and TwinTech cooling system, ensuring food stays fresh. These refrigerators are known for their affordability and energy efficiency, saving on utility bills.
However, some customers are not satisfied with the short warranties. Also, occasional noise levels (with old refrigerators) can be a concern for noise-sensitive individuals.
Whirlpool’s long-standing history of innovation and high-quality build makes its refrigerators reliable choices. The brand offers a wide range of home appliances, including French doors and top-freezer models, ensuring a versatile selection.
One dark side of these refrigerators is that they often come at higher price points, limiting budget-friendly options for consumers.

Why is Frigidaire so cheap?

Frigidaire’s affordability can be attributed to a combination of factors. First, it’s a subsidiary of Electrolux, which benefits from economies of scale and cost-effective production processes. 
Second, the smaller size of Frigidaire refrigerators helps keep costs down. Lastly, their commitment to a wide range of models allows them to cater to various budgets. This combination of factors allows Frigidaire to provide cost-effective options without compromising on essential functionality.

Wrapping Up

In the comparison between Frigidaire and Whirlpool refrigerators, both brands have stood the test of time, offering reliable choices for your kitchen needs.

Frigidaire, with its innovative features and budget-friendly options, is a practical choice for those seeking efficiency. Whirlpool, known for its history of innovation and high-quality products, caters to those willing to invest in durability.

Your choice depends on specific preferences and budget. Both brands have their strengths, making it essential to consider what matters most to you. Ultimately, whether you opt for Frigidaire’s affordability or Whirlpool’s reliability, your kitchen experience is in good hands.

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